Badger Spill earned a satisfaction rating of 9.2 out of 10 from students, with 100% of users saying that every campus should have the program and they would tell a friend about Badger Spill.

"It was like having the best friend I could ever ask for. It wasn't like going to counseling where they're walking on egg shells to be professional. It was just REAL & HONEST, and it felt like we had been friends for years. Combined, all of my student supporters made such a world of difference and they don't even know it! By far the best student resource on campus!"
"It felt good to write down my thoughts to an anonymous person that would have a really unbiased opinion. I was looking forward to getting a very 'outside' perspective since they have no idea who I am. If friends of mine are ever struggling, and I don't know how to help, Spill will be one of my first recommendations. Every campus in the world could use a program like this."
"I felt as though I could share any secret I wanted and not get judged. It is like having a best friend that is always there for you, which is almost impossible to find. I felt like my problem wasn't so overwhelming anymore. It made my problem seem easier to deal with."
"It was a relief to know that someone was there to listen to what I had to say. Knowing that someone would respond with a thoughtful suggestion was a reminder that no matter what my problem is there will always be someone who is willing to listen and help me work through it."
"It is exactly what students need: When you move to college, it's hard to find other people with similar problems that you can trust. It makes the community feel a lot more tight-knit to know that there are others on campus dealing with the same problems as me made me. I'm definitely a lot more considerate of people walking on the streets around me."
"It can be so awkward to talk face-to-face about these things, and a non-judgmental listening ear was exactly what I needed to pull me out of my rut. I could be completely honest with myself because I didn't feel judged or singled out. What a relief it is to finally have something like this on campus."
"Oh my gosh. I can't even EXPRESS how amazed I am with this thing. My friends didn't really understand because they had never been through a similar situation, and it was eating me away inside. I wasn't ready to talk to a counselor until the student supporters gave me the guidance and tough love that I needed. I am soooo grateful for Spill!!!"
"I was packing my bags to quit school when my roommate told me about Spill. It changed my whole outlook to realize that I wasn't the only person having a hard time my first year, and I decided to give it another go. I'm now loving my life at school, and I'm happy to say that Spill saved my college career."
"I felt there was a weight lifted off of my shoulders in being able to get support anonymously. Also, knowing that the other students genuinely wanted to help made it easy to talk about how I was truly feeling. I felt one step closer to the solution just by acknowledging what was upsetting me."
"The student supporters helped me realize how strong I can be, and gave me some great resources for dealing with my problem. It was nice talking to other college students who are in a similar position... I felt like I could relate better to students than I could to a professional who hasn't been in college for 30 years. Plus, hearing from 6 other people gave me a good grasp of what I had to do."